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Blundstone is a pioneer in terms of comfort and safety, the patented Shock Protection System (SPS) reduces signs of fatigue and helps with orthopedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. For the sake of the environment, Blundstone boots are made as environmentally friendly as possible, using recyclable materials for the soles and even for the shoebox.

Blundstone boots are suitable for loose insoles and are highly water-repellent, thanks to the two elastic bands on the side and the distinctive loops on the shaft, they are easy to put on and take off, as is the fit.

The Blundstone story

For 150 years Blundstone has been a company always on the go, always evolving. It’s been that way since John Blundstone started making fit-for-purpose footwear that would withstand the cobbled city streets, rugged farmland, dance and factory floors of Hobart, Tasmania, in 1870.

And just like our island home, our business has evolved but our ethos remains the same. Our commitment to quality and innovation has endured ´two world wars, and an ever-changing fashion landscape.

We’ve put boots on Aussie soldiers, Everest expeditioners, footballers, factory workers, farmers, and police men and women. We’ve inspired artists, musicians, chefs, tap dancers, and Olympic athletes to put their best foot forward.

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